Euler Science – system translacji brajla

Mathematics more accessible for everyone! Euler Science is a complex version of Euler program. It contains all Euler features plus new advanced functions of which the most important is visual and Braille edition of mathematic operations.


 Euler Science is a computer program that has advanced functions yet it is very easy to use. You can create, edit and print Braille electronic documents with it, even the ones that contain homogenous and very complex structure.

You can use it to prepare scholar texts, textbooks, or regular for writings.

Documents can be created and edited in two possible ways – by usafe of regular Braille or by special Braille notations for mathematical codes. You can also use graphics.

There are two kinds of special Braille mathematical notations you can use:

  • Marburg Math Code - Braille Systematik für Mathematikschrift which is a German notation, created by Professor Helmudt Epheser in Marburg;
  • Nemeth Math Code – an American notation made by Professor Abraham Nemeth;

Euler Science can be bought with one of the notations or with both of them.

Each element can be automatically converted into Braille or a regular writing format.

It uses various languages – English, Polish, German and Russian (also soon there’s going to be a French version). Every fragment will be transferred into a form suitable for the given language. Everyone can prepare and print a document in a desired version in an easy way.

Euler Science operates in the same manner Euler does and the usage of the program is intuitive and simple. You can convert into unknown for you and rare formats. The results of Euler Science usage are all in your hands.


How it works?

The program is similar to regular text editors.

What is unique for Euler Science, is that all the elements are accessible and there are additional functions installed - tools to translate or to change the way the content is provided.

Euler Science is a translator which converts regular writing into Braille and the other way around.

There is a built in Braille keyboard simulator which resembles keyboards of Perkins typing machines.

It allows to personalize the conversion of particular sections, paragraphs, tables, contents, footnotes, page numbers etc.

The interface of the program is blind user friendly. It works with all the popular screen readers. All the Braille writings can be edited by Braille keyboards or on the keyboard simulator.

The program has a few preview folders. The folders contain different types of the same document. Sighted users can work on the same document on which blind users do, on the same program. It allows to oversee the structure of the document while writing it.

Euler Science cooperates with Braille embossers.


Who can use Euler Science?

  • Blind scientists;
  • Teachers of blind students;
  • Parents of blind children;
  • Blind students;
  • Publishing houses;
  • Schools and schooling institutions;
  • Public offices and companies that print in Braille;
  • Everyone who writes for the blind;
  • Everyone who wants to share documents with the blind;

Edition and creation of mathematical graphics in Euler Science is based on MathType program (developed by Design Science). MathType integrates with Euler Science automatically and it turns on when Euler Science is being turned on. To print in Braille you need a special Braille embosser.