ERGO-Lux 2x 8D magnifier

Manufacturer: Schweizer
Classic hand magnifier in a revolutionary form! Additionally equipped with LED lights.


Battery operated hand-held magnifier with SMD LED lighting in a revolutionary new style (design patent pending).
Aspheric lightweight lenses.
Maintenance-free multi-chip SMD LED with remarkable bright and even light. Contrary to other LEDs with a high brightness the SMD LED used by SCHWEIZER is also characterized by a long battery lifetime.
Ergonomic design which creates automatically the correct distance between the object and the lens at a natural and stress free position of the hand and the arm. The end of the handle acts as a support which adjusts easily to manifold seating positions and postures. The same comfort for right-hand and left-hand use is also ensured for all round lenses by the symmetric handle shape.
Easy conversion into a stand magnifier with the optional ERGO-Base.

Available in 4 modern colours:

  • blue sky
  • navy blue
  • green apple
  • burgundy


    • ERGO-Lux 2x 8D / 100 x 75mm
    • Focusing lens: 8D
    • Lens size: 100 x 75mm
    • Magnification: 2x
    • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (LR3, AM-4).


Fixed-focus holders to convert ERGO-Lux illuminated hand-held magnifiers into illuminated stand magnifiers. Available for all aspheric lightweight lenses
of the ERGO-Lux series.
The connection is a result of a new unique magnetic lock which excludes any mechanical abrasion (patent pending). For disconnection the handle of the ERGO-Lux is simply lifted and separates easily.
Inclination in 2 directions for all round lenses of the ERGO-Lux series ensures a convenient and stress-free adjustable reading position for right-hand and left-hand use. The adjusted reading inclination is locked for a stable and
firm hold.
The special design of the ERGO-Base guarantees an easy scrolling on the object. Connection and disconnection of ERGO-Base with ERGO-Lux is easy.

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