Programme to automatic translation of musical notation into Braille music notation. It takes music notation from popular programmes and converts it into Braille notation. To generate a Braille version of a track you do not need to know Braille music notation! It serves without problems instrumental recordings, vocal solos and recordings dedicated to a whole orchestra.


With GOODFEEL® combined with a few mainstream products, any sighted musician can prepare a braille score without needing to be a Braille music specialist. Blind users can make sound recordings and print and Braille editions of their compositions and arrangements. Music scanning software can be used to speed data entry. 

Product Description

Are you a blind singer or instrumentalist who needs to have braille scores quickly? Do you want to print your musical ideas out in standard staff notation for sighted people to read? Are you an educator or rehabilitation professional serving blind musicians who has no time to learn to be a braille music transcriber? GOODFEEL can help you. GOODFEEL automatically converts several kinds of music files to braille - the same files used to print the score for sighted players. To prepare and transcribe these files with the GOODFEEL suite, you do not need to know how to read braille music; however, you should know how to read print music notation and how to use a Windows PC. 

GOODFEEL lets you convert print scores to braille music quickly, automatically and accurately. Blind musicians can review braille score with optional verbal and musical cues and independently create print scores of their musical ideas. GOODFEEL is fast and flexible! Braille a single part, selected parts, or an entire score in seconds! GOODFEEL features integrated literary braille translation for most western languages so you can braille both the words and the tune.